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World Wide Forum what are your local or unusual expressions


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Just a thought there are people on line from all over the World (at one time of the day or another), I wanted to know any unusual expression that may only be relevant to your part of the World or just interesting one's. My Brother-in-Law is always using "Well if my Auntie had Bollox's she would be my Uncle" it seems to cover 'could of should of times but didn't do it times'.


Thought it may be an interesting thread and give me some to throw back at him.


PS obviously I don't want to offend any gonaded Aunties

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I was in western Brazil - near where they had the power outage problems recently - some years ago on assignment and was with a guy from there whose English was quite good.


I misplaced a small notebook and was digging for it in the back of the car in camera bags when suddenly I felt the spiral of the thing on my behind.


"Here it is," I called out. "If it was a snake, it would have bitten me."


The guy from Brazil got big eyes and said, "You say that? We say that here - in Portuguese, of course."


Yup. We've got our share of snakes on the northern plains of North America. <grin>


Oops - strictly local and with a certain "group" around here: "You've just gotta cowboy up."



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We say we have to "jury-rig" it when we have to make do with what we have. We live so far out it's not always easy to run to the hardware store for the perfect piece so we often have to improvise when making temporary repairs. Jury-rigging is kinda like sewing up a bull's arse with a logging chain; it don't look so good but it'll hold. [biggrin]

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Ooooh this will be fun...there's a whole book dedicated to phrases here in TnT


there are plenty here.


Don't really know if these are common to you all.


crappo smoke yuh pipe.... means too bad for you, or in Standard English : Smoke a frog in your pipe.

Fire bun you...means same thing as above

liming- to hang out


now to less common ones.

ok well there are tons so if you all want I'll put... some from each letter. Its really too many to type, I'll put 3 from each up to e




A to bull foot: Completely confused.

Ambition Choking yuh: A man dressed casually wearing a tie.

Ah Yah Yie: Joy, anticipation etc.




Back Squeeze: to hold back.

Bacchanal: Scandal ( extremely widely used)

Beat yuh wit' a wo'k stick: work a holic.



Cleanin' out the ballroom: picking your nose

Chupid: Dotish, Stupid

Crank in yuh skin/tail: To do bodily harm



Devil & he wife fightin' fuh hambone: rain falling whilst sun shining with a rainbow up.

Dat is de damn t'ing self: I agree with you 100%

Dress up to fowl-foot backward: Overdressed, laughably so.



Eat de bread dat de devil knead: to have a hard life

Expecting a flood?: Said to someone wearing extremely short pants.

Explashiate: To be vocal in comments.


Anymore you all want?


There are tons of them....


A lot of them vary by region within the country, some are widely used in rural areas that are not mentioned in urban areas.

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I live in a Ski Resort Town so when someone, "Eats It" every one on the Chairlift laughs and yells "Yard Sale" because their Skis and Polls are everywhere like a Yard sale.


When someone is Injured and has to be taken out on a Toboggan they are called a "Burrito" because they're all wrapped up in Blankets.


Someone left on the Chair after it closes is a "Hanger".


The person who closed the chair with someone on it is called "Fired".


Newcomers to the Mountains are called "Flatlanders".


Upon rereading, it seem us mountain folk are a pretty mean spirited lot.

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