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Zorn fans?


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I've recently gotten into his Book of Angels "series" of albums. As far as I know, all were composed by John Zorn but each album is played by different artists...


My two favourite volumes are:


Volume 9 - Xaphan by Secret Chiefs 3


Volume 10 - Lucifer by John Zorn (as credited on iTunes - I've seen it listed as Bar Kokhba Sextet as well)


Mostly really weird complex tunes...this series is not for everyone though....if you are into Zorn or are interested in checking out something different, i highly recommend it!


Some of it makes me imagine that I am in a turkish bazaar....yup.

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Well...I guess I should be more clear...


He composed that album and all the rest....his stuff on sax....well there isn't much that I have found that's "easy" to get into....


I haven't gotten into too much of Zorn's solo stuff but I did get the Naked City disc ...(Mike Patton does some vocals on there....sort of...)


There are some big Zorn fans over at TK....you should put this out there. I'm probably not the best source as I am just getting into some of his stuff...

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