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Legend Series L00 comes to stay...


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I've mentioned this guitar before, as some of you fine chaps and chapesses may remember.


My friend and song co-conspirator Lotte Mullan owns a stunning Legend Series L00, which she doesn't get on with particularly well due to the chunky V-neck and it's inherent limitations as a small-bodied guitar.


At some point, the guitar acquired a 'key crack' in the lower side (the side that sits on your knee), so I struck a deal with Lotte for me to borrow the guitar for a few weeks, and in exchange have my luthier take care of the key crack.


The L00 has been with me for a couple of weeks now, and I just CANNOT stop playing it...it's simply the best acoutstic guitar I've ever played.


The first thing that struck me about it is that it sounds like a much bigger guitar-it just tucks right on in there under your arm and barks at the world. Beautiful.


At some point it's had a Fishman undersaddle pup installed somewhat clumsily, and as a result it needs a setup-the action is slightly skinny on the treble side and slightly meaty on the bass side, so there's more tone to come from it, but as it is it just sounds wonderful. I can't imagine a sweeter sounding instrument.


I've been recording with it recently, and it is such a simple instrument to get on tape-wherever you mic it, it sounds great!


I'm generally used to large guitars with normal-profile necks, but there was very little adjustment required to adapt to the charms of the L00...in fact, the chunky V-neck falls straight into my big hands (I'm a big man, to give you some idea how big, I'm 6'6" and 18 stone...big hands come with the territory!) as if it was made for me.


As you've gathered by now, I'm completely in love with the guitar. I'm a sucker for Adirondack tops, and the L00 comes alive a little mor every time I pick it up. It's magical. My poor SJ200 and Guild haven't seen the light of day since the little box of joy came to stay!


Lotte, my friend who the guitar belongs to, has the hots for my Hummingbird MC and is keen to swap guitars, but my 'bird is such a dependable stage guitar that I'm reluctant to part with it. I'm seriously tempted though!


I know the Legend series is a very expensive line of guitars, but on the evidence of the L00 I would say they're worth every penny...the tone and feel is just jaw-dropping.


If you're not familiar with Lotte Mullan already, you owe it to yourself to check out her music. She's just signed to Island and is going to be huge before too long. Her myspace address is www.myspace.com/lottemullan and the songs to check out first are 'Alright With Me' (written as a musical pep talk for her little sis who was being bullied at school), and 'To Know You Love Me'.


I first met Lotte at a photoshoot we were both on in 2006, and we've been good friends ever since. She's a real bundle of energy, great to write with and really good company on the various tours we've done together. She's a real craftswoman when it comes to songwriting, and she has deserved success for a long time, so I was really happy when I heard that she'd done a deal with Island. It's nice when good things happen for good people.

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Here is Dr. Jon's rx: sell the case-bound J200. And the Guild. With the proceeds, find a new stage guitar. Keep LO0.


Seriously, Jinder, I can see your dilemma. Your and 'Bird have been through the wars, and, as the Python's say, "it works, mate, it works". But, as you are finding, that L00 is something special as well. Oh, to have your dilemma tho--my AJ would be flying out the door in a heartbeat. Cheers and luck. Jon

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i agree with JKinnama...while i never had a legend series...i have owned the L-00 and its is comfortable to play and play and play...


i recently (yesterday) got an LG-2 3/4 and i can say it took a second to get used to the nut width...(1.575) and im tall myself...6'3" and have larger hands yet it just seems right now when i hold it...


im not as promiscuous when it comes to acoustic guitars...electrics...thats a different story all together!


get yourself a Legend L-00...sell the rest of your herd to get yourself a J-45 or other workhorse...and just play the hell out of it!


these kind of revelations dont come around everyday...

the point of us playing the guitar and obsessing over them as we do is in order to find that "perfect" combo of feel, tone, and sound...


if you are mainly an acoustic player...and it seems as though you found what you have been searching for...why let it go?


do what you must in order to get that legend...and if that means parting with dear friends...so be it!


some of your enthusiasm must be just from the fact that it is a new guitar in your life...but since you have had it for a few weeks...i suspect a deeper connection!


just my two cents...


me for example...i wanted an LG-2 for at least 2 years now...and i beat around the bush and even picked up alternative guitars in the meantime cause they were there...cheaper..and sounded good enough and yet i have never felt fully satisfied with any of my choices...until now!


the small lg-2 can pretty much do it all in my opinion...but i still think that one of these days i might pick up either a texan or just some used j-45 to get that larger sound...


on one forum...and i dont remember which i belong to too many...someone said the following more or less...


"life is short...get the guitar"


and i agree 100%!

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i checked out lotte's site and if i were you, i'd be in love with more than her L-00. maybe that is the real deal here - idk. it seems like nostalgia and romantics are clouding what should be a fairly logical decision. you love the legend so i wouldn't fret over the loss of a guitar you can live without. you are a large man but still can only play one guitar at a time. being that you are frequent conspirators, i have a feeling you'll have the opportunity to play it semi-regularly anyway, even if you part with it. back to my original notion, find a way to have the girl and her dowry of guitars under one roof. she beautiful and talented - much like many of your forum mates.

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Lotte is wonderful, but women are fickle; keep the guitar. But seriously, I know of which you speak. I'm blessed with a few fine instruments, yet for the last year more than half my playing time is on my Legends L-00. I get more volume from some others, but the sweetness that comes from this instrument has me reaching for it time and again. An old timey haunting tone, as least to me. I briefly had a Legends J-45 and didn't bond with it, but this one is magic.

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all of this legends talk is gonna start me down a path im afraid to go on!




just when i get my LG-2 and think...ok just get a beater and now im done...


i might have to check out the legends again and think about one for spring...


maybe ill do the j-45 seeing as though i have a small body already?


damn you forums.gibson!

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I played a Legend '42 J-45 at a guitar store. I have to say I felt most at home playing that guitar than any other I've sampled to date.

I thought it was just the American Consumer in me equating price tag with quality, but honestly, playing that guitar felt like scratching the surface of an inexhaustible well of vibe, tone, mystery... it rewarded precision like no other guitar I've played even though I'm an intermediate player at best.


I also loved, loved loved the neck (I'm 6'4").


Good luck.

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