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DF will not startup


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Apparently I have discharged the battery in one shot or [confused] ?? Never the less, I resetted the battery, putted in on charge on the RIP console, then it started to charge and I turned the MCK button to C position and pulled it out and there was light [biggrin] The battery was totally flat. If it was beause of the strum or the battery reset I don't know, I'm just glad I got power again.


Still, if anyone could enlighten me was has just happened I would be happy, I feel a little unsecure

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Read your manual. Get your hands off the guitar neck once robotic tuning is enabled!


Dark Fires Robo tuning system uses the strings to send both, power & data up to the neck electronics.

If you fret two or more strings while tuning is operational you cause a short circuit and risk damage!

Normally there is a protection implemented, (white flashing LEDs on the display), only if the short circuits lasts too long, the system will shut down for protection reasons.




You play. We tune.

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