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Les Paul Studio for "Green Day Sound"?


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hi everyone!


well right now i like the green day sound, i know they play gibson but do i can get that green day sound with a les paul studio model? billie joes plays a les paul standard ... but they are so expensive! ... do i make a mistake with buying a studio one?


greeting from hamburg!

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is there is big difference between the standard and studio? ... damn i just love that gibson sound ;-)


You do realize Billie Joe does not play a standard like stated before he plays a Jr, and you can buy it for about the same price as a studio...



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Just a small note. The Standard & the Studio have the same pickups now. Burstbucker Pros.


Differences between them are:


1. Binding

2. Maple top on Standard - Mahogany top on Studio

3. Grover tuners on Standard

4. Neutric jack on Standard


perhaps I'm missing something else, but the price difference is not justified IMHO.

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Studio (not Faded) has a maple top, mahogany back & neck, chambered body, rosewood fingerboard, no binding, Alnico II 490R at the neck, Alnico V 498T at the bridge

Basic Standard has a maple top, mahogany back & neck, weight relieved body, rosewood fingerboard, binding, Burstbuckers at the neck & bridge. Standard also uses nitrocellulose finish & Studio a polyurathane one...


For the price difference (£1000 for the Studio, £1600 for the basic Standard in the UK), I got the Studio. More versatile & cheaper. Have fun!

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perhaps I'm missing something else' date=' but the price difference is not justified IMHO. [/quote']


I heard that the binding adds like, 48 hrs to the production time etc..... Hence the heavier price tag.


I've owned a Studio (and now a Standard) and I would happily own either again, but I must admit the Standard looks MUCH nicer - if you don't mind blowin' the coin on it.

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Just forget what HE plays, and use what YOU have...along with tweaking your amp, to get as

close to what you want, sound wise. P-90's don't sound like Humbuckers, BUT..with some use

of the middle range boost (as well as other tone controls) on your amp, and the tone contols,

on the guitar, should get you close. Just remember, as with all guitarists, some of, if not most

of "His" tone...is HIM!



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I bought one of the Billie Joe Juniors because I wanted a white Junior with a ebony board. Love the guitar and play it all the time even if it doesn't make me any more of a Greenday fan. I also think it's funny but I get more compliments on the case than you can imagine everybody loves the faux Leopard skin print.

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Notes: Billie has a huge collection of guitars, with the majority being Gibson. See Aug 09 Guitar World for pic.


- Gibson Billie Joe Armstrong signature Les Paul Junior:



- Fernandes Stratocaster (Blue)



- Fender Stratocaster



- Fender Stratocaster Custom Shop

- Gibson ES-135



- Gibson ES-335



- Gibson Les Paul Special 59'



- Gibson Standard SG



- Gibson Les Paul Junior TV 59'



- Fender Telecaster 68'



- Fender JazzMaster



- Fender Telecaster Custom Shop


- Gibson Les Paul Custom (black)



- Gretsch Chet Akins


- 1956 sunburst Gibson Les Paul Junior (used heavily on 21st Century Breakdown)



- 1952 Fender Esquire (used heavily on 21st Century Breakdown)



- Gibson Slash Les Paul Custom



- Gibson Jimmy Page Les Paul Custom




Acoustic Guitars

- Guild D55



- Taylor 514C



- Gibson Everly Brothers acoustic (black. Used for recording AND also seen live)



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