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Les Paul Studio for "Green Day Sound"?

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Notes: Billie has a huge collection of guitars' date=' with the majority being Gibson. See Aug 09 Guitar World for pic.


- Gibson Billie Joe Armstrong signature Les Paul Junior:



- Fernandes Stratocaster (Blue)



- Fender Stratocaster



- Fender Stratocaster Custom Shop

- Gibson ES-135



- Gibson ES-335



- Gibson Les Paul Special 59'



- Gibson Standard SG



- Gibson Les Paul Junior TV 59'



- Fender Telecaster 68'



- Fender JazzMaster



- Fender Telecaster Custom Shop


- Gibson Les Paul Custom (black)



- Gretsch Chet Akins


- 1956 sunburst Gibson Les Paul Junior (used heavily on 21st Century Breakdown)



- 1952 Fender Esquire (used heavily on 21st Century Breakdown)



- Gibson Slash Les Paul Custom



- Gibson Jimmy Page Les Paul Custom




Acoustic Guitars

- Guild D55



- Taylor 514C



- Gibson Everly Brothers acoustic (black. Used for recording AND also seen live)


http://www.uberproaudio.com/content/view/130/38/ [/quote']



to meny names, it better with pictures!






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its the p-90 that gives him THAT sound and tone. i can get it with my epi 56 gt and marshall amp. his style however is his and his only. its instantly recognisable. i'd give a nod to rob cavallo (producer) for his recorded wall of sound.


actually.... i rememeber a guy working on Green days stage equipments and amp gear etc, posting detailed photos of what he did with the amp to the 2nd guitarist (Jason White)

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