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2009 Gibson Les Paul '68 Custom VOS Vintage White


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Does anybody else own one of these fantastic guitars?

Is the subject (2009 Gibson Les Paul '68 Custom VOS Vintage White) exactly the name of this model?







Yes as a matter of fact I do own one of these beauties.

It was sold to me as a 1968 Les Paul Custom "Classic White" VOS.

The VOS finish on the classic white is not as shiney as some I have seen, and not too dull either, it looks like it was hand polished for about 30 years.

This is the tonemonster! It is by far the sweeetest Les Paul Custom that I have. The tone is completely to the core, this guitar absolutely comes alive when you have it dialed in.

This is the one my kids will be arguing who gets to keep it, when I am forced to lie motionless and horizonal permanently. I had better be dead at that point. If my house was on fire, this would be the only reason I was burned.

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