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How awesome is AXE?

Shnate McDuanus

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When I grow up, I'm going to shave my head, buy a Harley, and play guitar until just my sheer presence in the room causes all the girls to have an uncontrollable urge to remove their undergarments and toss them my way. [blink]


But, that stuff happens to me already, except; I have all my own hair (although grey), I don't ride a Harley, and the last time a girl threw her undergarments at me was when my wife told me to to put them in the laundry. #-o


Oh well, at least I can live vicariously through Axe!!! [cool]

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For an example of his awesomenitude one need only examine Axe's quick and knowledgeable response to heymisterk's call for help a while back... Axe obviously had a wealth of knowledge at "hand" and was even able to supply a rather detailed animated example of the suggested exercises[biggrin] [biggrin] ...

An incredible resource....



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