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Sear has gone too far now...


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That is not Roger!! It is my mate Roy who I posted a thread on a couple of weeks back. We had two days of jamming and drinking in Barcelona and he is one of my favourite guitarists.




here is his heavily customised Yamaha guitar. It plays like a dream!!


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Isn't Sear the guy in the movie Desperado that played the guitar, killed a lot of folks and fell in love? I think his guitar case was modified in that movie like that Yamaha was. Killer. Nice link - My Youtube Channel www.youtube.com/mattsuzo

Really enjoyed the music.

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Matt' date=' did you try that roland gk thing? I'm GASsing for one and dont know why [-([/quote']


Hi Thunder


I played it unplugged but heard it demoed. I am going to post a new thread on Roy because as far as I am concerned the guy is an unsung living legend!



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