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Roy Marchbank- Scottish Virtuoso Guitarist


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This thread is just to share the music and playing of Roy Marchbank. Not only a virtuoso but also and unique player with a sound of his own. Roy is a Scottish Born musician currently living with his Catalan wife in Barcelona.



Roy Marchbank Myspace page (the Bach arrangement is superb!)



Roy playing with chamber orchestra Sogdiana (very fast!!)




Monsoon (posted previously; ambient composition)



His main guitar is his heavily customised Yamaha guitar


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Cheers Shred


The first thing that struck me when I heard his lead guitar style was that it sounded like what many people call shred guitar, except there was no distortion!! Also the pieces on his mypage captured me as they was such an obvious cross section of genres and influences in his work.


He said he got 'his sound' when someone stole his amp head and he was forced to play clean for a while and gradually worked on a new sound.


I discovered Roy and John 5 the same year and both slapped me around the chops as they were doing something fresh and exciting.



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