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Polisher, cleaning cream for nitro finish


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I use this approximately 12 years ago with excellent results in my nitro-finish guitars:






3M Imperial Hand GlaZe (Professional Formula)



Recommended for use by hand to increase surface gloss and to clean up spatter or residue after machine glazing all types of refinish.


Apply a small amount to a soft, 100% cotton flannel cloth, foam applicator pad or terry cloth covered foam applicator pad. Work into the paint using moderate pressure in a linear motion, until all that remains is a slight haze, then buff off with a soft, 100% cotton flannel cloth.


Does not contain silicone, non-wax hand glaze. (Our favorite glaze to remove minor swirl marks.)


I utilize it to repair fine lines in the nitro-finish. If the line very is marked I utilize a fine sandpaper of grain 2000 and then this cream of 3M.

What type of product use you?




Regards [confused]

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