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Practice with a metronome


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I've been doing this for years. In the old days it was one of those old mechanical deals with a large metal arm that would click back and forth at whatever tempo you set it at. Now days the best way to do it is get a multi-effects unit with a built in "drum machine" I'm currently using a ZOOM G2 multi-effects pedal for practicing. It has a simple drum machine in it. Set a beat and play along. Experiment with different patterns. It should help you to stay in time, and, inspire you.

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There are also websites with free backing tracks on MP3 format like http://www.guitarbackingtrack.com/


Another, check these free downloads Volume1 and 2, there are songs from rock, metal, blues to country check them out, you can always delete the ones you do not want.




Of course there is also the king of blues.



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Or you can get a Boss RC-2' date=' it has drums, you can record loops with either bass or guitar and on top of things it has a Aux input for CD or MP3 players.


I am thinking of getting one of these.





I've thought them myself, they seem to be an ideal solution for all of us home players. although they're kind pricey IMHO. But yes, they seem to offer the best possible package.

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I use the time track on nuendo... you can set it to change tempo whenever you want so it's really useful. You also can replace the up and down sounds with drum sounds, so you can have a closed hi-hat sound for the click and an open hi-hat sound for the start of compas click... beats anything else I've tried.


You can also use an easy sequencer like FL studio and set a small part with bass drum, snare, and cymbals and have it repeat itself over and over again.


Great tools

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I've got one on a Zoom 707II...


And - believe it or not - I still have an original Univox drum machine in excellent working condition that I haven't had out of a case except to look at two months ago since roughly 1974.


I dunno. I think I'm more likely to crank up the Univox or consider the computer noise route for practice. The multi-effect drum machine starts to get a bit more complex than I really care to mess with.


Nice thing about the Univox, ancient tech and clumsy relatively big box though it may be, is that the controls all make sense almost instantly and a little list of settings for different songs is pretty easy to mess with.


Alas, to my knowledge nobody's come up with an inexpensive and physically small digital replacement.


I'll try some of the free tracks mentioned above, though. Hmmm.



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