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Need Some Help Choosing

Greg Curtis

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Went to GC yesterday & played every Les Paul I could find. They all sounded & felt great & a few really talked to me. I played a:

Les Paul Studio

Les Paul Traditional & Plus

Les Paul Standard & Plus

Can't make up my mind between the bunch. The guitar in my avatar isn't mine but a color I love. I guess I'm asking which one would you consider the best value for the money in the long run. Budget isn't a problem but I don't want to go over about $3500 just for practicality. Thanks in advance guys.

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You can get a used '59 reissue for $3,500.

Definitely play a few reissues...'57, '58, whatever...before you buy anything.


I guess I'm asking which one would you consider the best value for the money in the long run.

Long term' date=' I'd say a reissue of some sort.

If the wood used on these is in fact getting scarce, they [u']may[/u] be desirable some day.


Short term, I'd say none. You'll loose somewhere between 40% - 60%.

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Thanks guys for your advice. Seems like the Historics have a lot of love here. I'll definitely check some of your isuggestions out. I have one more question. Is there a big difference between the 50's & 60's style neck. I have short fingers so I'm more inclined to go with a thinner neck for playability & comfort. Whats your ideas on this.

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+1 on Axe's comment. He's usually right. Can't go wrong with an R8. If you must that figured top, look for a used R9... You *won't* regret it.


At one of my local stores, there is an R8 with a flamed top on it. Apparently, it was a "mistake," but the price is the R8 price. Go figure.....



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Been playing for about 30 yrs now since I've been about 15 yrs old.



If that's the case, you certainly deserve to buy a guitar that is really special and you are definately gonna appreciate what you hold, from every aspect.


You say that money is not an object. That is what confuses me. I try to figure what I should buy in your place and I really don't know. An R9 most probably. Or a Custom. If you love Silverburst, why not to try find a Custom Silverburst, just like Are Nine has one (really breathtaking...)?


Buy the best you can afford. Oh, and the one that you will fall in love with...


good luck.

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Cenre City Music in San Diego.




one thing to remember when buying a guitar over the internet is you really dont know what you are going to get.


these things are mostly hand made and there are differences in the same model line. they hand build these within tolerances but i had 2 09 traditionals that play and feel completely different. different weight and different neck widths and different playability.


i ended up selling the one from ccm and got what i paid for it. the one i kept was bought locally and i really fell in love with it.


ccm will probably give you the best deal but i was happy to pay just a few hundred more to have played my other lp. you can negotiate on high end guitars with most local dealers. if they dont want to deal then go to the next store. they all have room on 2k-3k guitars.


just food for thought if buying over the internet.

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