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my new V and....


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I just got this gorgeous half black half white Gibson V and I wanna know if anyone here recognises this signature.



I also have a new Martin. Today was a good day.

Never played a V before but its not super heavy and the access, wow.

I am going to have to lower the action a bit, though.

*goes off to look for a "how to lower action on tunomatics" post xD


I'm such a nub, I feel like a 17-year-old with a new Camaro >.>

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NOTHING is better than that!


<.< Haven't had V in so long...

I'm trying not to let it get to me' date=' man Dx

Guitars is all I have left now that I'm with a boy *cries


Sorry for not posting sooner, and for bad quality, AND for bra straps showing....


surfpup, if I ever get rid of her i'll hit you up, i promise.

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Somehow I dont think a bunch of dudes are really going to mind that ur bra strap is showing :)


Rock on with that V. I used to be more into "conventional" style guitars but my tastes are definetely changing. Yours is cool. Now go crank out "Can't Live Without You" in honor of Rudolf! [confused]

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The V ain't my thing at all.




Your smile in that pix tells it all.


Glad you've gotten a deal that makes everyone happy. Everyone should be so lucky.




My problem with a V is that since I'm an old f@rt, I tend sit with the guitar on my thigh...


and the dang V keeps sliding off...


But.... that's a great guitar, and you DO have the look of someone who's totally content.

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