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1967 12 string MM-12 pics ( a little off topic but it has SG shape)


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Hi... does anyone know what the value of this guitar might be worth? It has a refret... Something odd is going on at the neck joint. There is what looks like a small crack on the back of the headstock but it could be just the paint...










Thanks, Dave

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Pic #2 (back of headstock @ the heal) shows the typical "smile" line of a repaired cracked or broken headstock to neck area. A professional repair in this area will hold forever, and any good glue joint is stringer than the wood itself, but any repairs or modifications (especially structural) decrease the value immensly. The neck joint might also be a reset needed due to the same accident. Here again, could be as strong or stronger than the original. The bridge looks to be a Leo Quan "Badass", great bridge for use on the big studs, but certainally an after-market replacement part.


If these are repairs, the guitar has no "vintage" or collector value, but for the right price, might be a great "player".

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Headstock crack KILLS any collector value it may have had.

I'm sure it will continue to gain value, but at a much slower pace than cleaner examples.


If you just wanna buy it, play it, and keep it for yourself, give what you can afford.


I dunno.

Personally I wouldn't go over a grand.


But what do I know.......?

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