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The ultimate Question LP or SG


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Hey guys, Im back!


hopefully some of you will remember me from before the forum divided its self by Zero =P


Im after a new guitar, and my local shop has a Les Paul 1960 Classic (used), but also for the same money i can get a 61 Reissue SG


Thoughts? because im really stuck deciding [biggrin]

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At the minuite my main guitar is my slightly modded Epiphone studio firebird. (ive put a gretsch Pickup in, and sorted out the blanace)


Both of these guitars feel awesome (i havent played the 61reissue, but ive played some older standards, works out about the same) but its a slightly different flavour of awesome for each guitar....... the LP has a lot of vintage Worn in MOJO. and it even has a case with some of the material ripped off =P




also the necks are pretty similar, the 1960 reissue has a 60's neck and so does the SG. its just hardwear and pickups really

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I played both, and I have to say I prefer the Les Paul. (Though not too heavy ones.)


I particularly don't like the neck-heavyness of SG's. That annoys me. And my hands always get lost on the long neck.

All of this is personal. Play both and decide then. That's what I did myself!

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different shops =) , the LP is only im my local store because its used, they dont stock gibsons anymore (credit crunch y'know)




+ Red

+ Angus young ect

+ 57' classics

+ 1960's neck

+ Brand new


- Breaky breaky neck snap

- Heratige orange

- Headstock diving causing neck snap




+ cool colour

+ maple cap

+ 1960's neck

+ Mojo from being used

+ Paul kossof


- breaky neck snap (1960's neck on it)

- heavy

- feels a bit wierd, never had a single cutaway guitar before, your hand just disapears


~ 500t and 496r wtf?

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I had 5 LPs, including the R7, R8, R9... all fine guitars. I just couldn't get used to them.


That said, that's me.


I never met an SG I didn't like - I have 2 now, which is probably enough.


A proper strap that doesn't slip will eliminate the "heavy neck" issue... trust me, I know.


Otherwise, your decision must be based on what you really want - the LP has more depth in tone presentation... sounds chunkier. But that's the beauty of the SG - it's got a sound all its own.

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