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Never drink and wire


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So I rewired my beater again las night, while I was having a few beers.


I added a tone control, a Gibson style 3-way switch and a treble bleed, I did a really good job of fitting everything in such small cavity and everything is faily neat.


I plugged up today and both the volume and tone seem to have a reverse taper [biggrin] I thought it was funny, I am sure it is just one wire but it is embarrasing. I was so sure I double-checked everything that I was cocky enough to put the guitar back together without plugging up.


So lesson of the day is don't drink and wire a guitar at the same time.







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Hey stiffhand.. I love that guitar. I've never seen a strat/tele mix like that. Did you build that? Or did Fender actually offer a model like that?


It is actually a Squier '51, it is based on the cosmetics of a Fender '51 Precision Bass.


It was produced for 3 years and then discontinued. It is one of those guitars that reached a small cult status because the body and neck are actually decent quality and perfect for modding. The neck has a 1.65" nut width so it is not as thin as other Squiers.


I bought it to tinker with, I replaced the bridge and pickups and changed the wiring.


The guitar is very versatile in that the humbucker splits for single coil sounds on the bridge, so it is a very good all around guitar.

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It is nice to have a guitar that sounds good' date=' is versatile and that you can leave in the car whether is hot or cold, put in a gig bag and carry on a plane, take out on the deck and forget it there overnight...kind of liberating really.






Indeed, excellent guitar to be called ''a beater''! Very, very nice man. and the fact that is rare and gets people to ask about it... even better!

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Funny you mention it because I've had people ask me about it and a touring musician actually asked me if he could borrow it. I had a couple of jams a while back and a couple of guys were all over this guitar.


The guitar has a lot of scratches, the pics don't show it.

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