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Using Piezo and HEX for live applications


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First and foremost, I am coming up on one year with my DF. There have been some bumps in the road, but I am very pleased with the sounds that I am getting out of this guitar. It is very versatile, in addition to just have great tone and playability (not to mention looks). Even though it has spent a considerable amount of time at Gibson for RMA, I will still keep this gem.


All that said, there is a couple of issues that I have questions about:


1. When using the RIP, your guitar signal is changed to line-level for use with full range monitors. In other words, the signal is no longer conducive to a guitar amplifier input. Everything being equal, not a big deal if you are using GR3 for your sounds. Only thing is, if you really prefer running an amp (such as I do) and do not use the RIP for live performance, you no longer have access to the HEX output (i.e.; the ability to utilize Roland product or midi conversion). Does anyone know of a workaround for this issue? For example, can you split the signal prior to going to the RIP?


2. I recently returned my guitar, RIP box and the splitter to Gibson for upgrades. The guitar was returned with upgrades, still waiting for the RIP and the splitter. Anyone know exactly what was done since Gibson does not advise you of the work that they have done? Also, no mention of the application of the bluetooth in the DF - what can it be used for (transit signal, setting changes, etc?)


Thanks, DF400

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I found this information:

Dark Fire-Specific Audio Equipment Coming.

Gibson is already developing a range of audio equipment designed specifically to work with your new Dark Fire, some of which is already scheduled for release in early 2009, including a small transmitter module designed to work with Bluetooth wireless technology, allowing you the ability to connect wirelessly to your computer or laptop.


I guess slightly behind schedule, but at least answers the question on the BlueTooth transmitter...

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Thanks, the links provide very helpful information. I'm not too disappointed in the lack of Bluetooth connectivity, although it would have been a good idea to use the technology to change presets/settings.

I'm still wondering if the future use of the HEX output can be used with the instrument signal of the guitar. In reading one of the above referenced postings, it seems that there may be some connectivity that I am not familiar with:

"...The Dark Fire interface does have a 13-pin connector on the back for driving MIDI modules like the Axon. I use mine to drive an old Roland VG-8, which had gone unused for quite some time...but it worked really well with the Dark Fire, so I've been doing things like layering Dark Fire and VG-8 sounds."


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