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If I show you some good brazilian music would ya enjoy it?

Wally Walrus

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To me, this is like hearing Freewheeling Bob Dylan. A Genius, a simple man, an everyday fighter and an honest composer.


I present you Cartola:






I'll do my best to translate the lyrics:


"It's still early, darling

You barely started to understand life

Already announcing your leaving

Without even knowing the path to take


Listen to me, sweetie

Although I know you've made your mind

In every corner you lose a little of your life

In a short time you will not be what you are


Listen carefully, darling

Pay attention the world is a windmill

Will crush your so selfish dreams

Will turn your illusions into dust


Pay attention, sweetie

Of every love you'll inherit only the cinism

When you notice you'll be walking on the edge of a cliff

The abism that you caved with your own feet"




They say this song was composed for his daughter, who had recentely turned into a prostitute.

It's one of my favorite songs of all times.

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