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Where was I last Friday? If it weren't for the local Farm and Barn store having a buy3 get4th free sale on tires I'd have been home in my cave. But No-O-O-o. My wife rousted me out of bed at 5 am, first stop F&B. I was there by 6:05. I was umpteenth in line to order tires. Got them ordered by 6:30 with a 3 - 4 hour wait to get installed... So, the Missus and I went to Kohl's for their Black Friday Madness amongst all the sheeple. Bought 3 items. Two employees accosted me with, "Good Morning" smiles and "How are you doing?" "Lousy," I said. "But you are here, isn't that great?" I just shook my head and caught up with my wife.


Then to McD's for breakfast where I could barely understand the gal at the counter and she could barely understand me. Why does Mc D's insist on hiring people who don't have a firm command of the language!?!?!? Then back to F&B for a few gifts and pick up the car with new skins !! Woo Hoo! New t'ars!. I'm set for Christmas! Then to Menard's where everything we wanted was sold-out, then Lowe's for what was sold out at Menard's, then home.. Finally.


In the final analysis, most of the door busters were sold-out before we got there. Most of what we bought had been marked up just to be marked down for a net savings on the day of about $50.00, including the tires. ...


I absolutely H-A-T-E Black Friday! I despise being manipulated by Madison Avenue / Bentonville, Arkansas Marketing departments! Next year? Back to my man cave with concrete walls, small window, folding chair and in amongst my tools, with Country Music on the electric radio!


I haven't 'done' Black Friday in a decade. I suppose one must get out amongst the sheeple being led around by slick advertising to remind me why I don't 'do' Black Fridays.

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I liked black friday this year went on line after midnight for the online sales and bought several things on major discount including a 73 inch Mitsubishi DLP television for 800 that was 1999 on Thursday. who cares that I had to be one of the first five buyers I was online at midnight anyway.


swung by Apple at 11:30 am and Got a new Ipod and the Apple TV box both at 40 dollars off and went home. The wife hit the sales with her girlfriend and they spent the whole day buying purses and shoes guess they saved lots of money at least thats her story and she's sticking to it.

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