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Exactly what IS a Hummingbird "Pro" from Guitar Center


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Hi, all!


I've just bought a Gibson Hummingbird Pro from Guitar Center, and then realized that it was an "exclusive" guitar made for GC. My question is, what exactly do I have?? Is there a standard Gibson model that it is comparable to? How are the ones made for GC different from standard (identifyable) Gibsons? And I guess the bottom line question is, Do I have more guitar than I paid for or less?


Any and all informed comments are appreciated.



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I saw it advertised in the GC flyer the otherday and was wondering when this question would arise.


What is for sure is that it is a non-standard Gibson model proprietary to GC and MF that is a shortscale mahogany /sitka dreadnaught that is a very nice guitar in darkburst .


I have a hummingbird artist (which it apparently replaces) and still not exactly sure what model it is based on. Mahogany songwriter with AJ bracing , rosewood bridge and neck? Other than finish and pickup they are the same guitar unless you have the cutaway.


Welcome to forum BTW, and enjoy your new Gibson which spoke to you and will give you a lifetime of enjoyment.

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Look like its in the Hummingbird Artist and Songwriter family tree with a cutaway and in vintage sunburst. Looks identical to a Songwriter Deluxe Studio EC except in vintage sunburst instead of natural. Since the Songwriter series has rosewood back and sides and the GC/MF Hummingbird Artist has mahagony back and sides, I would venture to say the Hummingbird Pro is based on the Songwriter Deluxe Studio EC except with mahogany back/sides...as well as sharing the Hummingbird bridge rather than the Songwriter's bridge. GC/MF bills the Hummingbird Artist as a birdless Hummingbird and sells it for substantially less than the standard bird Hummingbird or the Hummingbird TV. If the Hummingbird Pro is indeed a mahagony back/sides and sunburst Songwriter Deluxe Studio EC, then GC/MF's advertised price of the HP in the link you provided is a few hundred less than the Songwriter DSEC is shown in MF's latest catalog...which would seem correct considering rosewood back/side instruments usually are currently generally higher priced than their mahonany counterparts. All of this is speculation, of course, but it seems to me to make sense that the HP would be mahog and sunburst Songwriter DSEC and be in the Hummingbird Artist family tree as its cutaway model.


QM aka Jazzman Jeff

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I think Jeff has covered it well, based on the link to the photos of the guitar:



My guess is that the "Pro" is just marketing schtick referring to the cutaway, which a studio or stage-hired player might prefer, and the onboard elctronics package, which similarly, a "pro player" might appreciate.


Pretty looking guitar!



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