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The Holiday Music Thread


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I don't know if its still out 'there' but our favorite Christmas CD is

Nature Quest an adventure in Nature and music , A Christmas with Guitars

arrangements and performances by, Tim Snow.



Its never Christmas around our house with out it.....

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I hate Christmas music. There, I said it. I feel better.


I love Christmas, btw. I'm not a scrooge. I just hate the music.


That said I actully learned Greensleeves on the acoustic a couple years ago. That was kinda cool. Sounded great on a classical. Maybe I should try to remember how to play that.

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It's been years, but as I recall, the first reference to "Greensleeves" had it as "that dirty ditty from the North Humber land."


How do you figure her sleeves got green? The original referenced a ... uhhhhh ... camp follower. <grin>


Actually I don't care for Christmas music much, but I've hadda play enough that I'll usually practice some a bit. Toss on a bit of chorus and you can do a fairly easy fingerstyle version of most traditional Christmas carols. A basic clawhammer works for Good King Wenceslaus, for example.


I s'pose I made the error of playing some for my mom and she passed on the word so I ended up filling in for the organist a her church a number of Christmas eve services. That gets to feel a little odd since you're, in effect, leading the congregation. Sheesh.


"The Christmas Song" isn't bad. A lotta saloon musicians have ended up for generations now having to learn "Jingle Bell Rock."


Hmmmm. English guys - do they still do the one <cringe> Peter Paul and Mary did called "A-Soalin?" That guitar thing was/is kinda fun to play.


I tend to be a scrooge. I figure Christmas is for the young, for parents and grandparents and such. I'm too old for the Christmas of youth and too young to be a parent. Go figure. But sometimes one is kinda forced by circumstances to pick Christmas stuff when you're around people and sometimes that makes it about half fun.



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This song[crying]


Brings back memories of my first girl-friend Beck Romo. We were together from 5th to 7th grade. Then her family moved to Jersey in December during our 7th grade year..... Man I had a heavy heart for two years after[crying]



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