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Who's playing lead on this?


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The secret's out: I played lead on the new John Mayall album. The whole thing.


It was all me. I played in on a wenge guitar.











Click...Ah say click on ol' Foghorn there' date=' sonny boy, he's got somethin' to tell ya. [biggrin



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Cruzn' from the looks of the "reviews" it's Rocky Athas.



That's it! Thanks, Steve, good spot. Great licks!


"The wisdom of his concept(s) becomes apparent on the very first track, "Nothing to Do with Love." This atmospheric number features not just the familiar wail of Mayall's harmonica, but the lead guitar of Rocky Athas—the latest in a string of guitar prodigies Mayall has discovered over the years. The Texas native makes a case for himself on "Playing with a Losing Hand" and throughout the disc, as an axeman worth watching."

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