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I'm going to see Joe Bonamassa tonight!

fast fret

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Take earplugs !!

He's very good but he's also extemely loud ...I saw him at the RAH earlier this year and in spite of having seats right behind the sound desk ......the sound was overpowering on more than one occasion.


You can't blame Joe B for this .he just does his thing and relies on the sound techs to do their job and get it right.


Highlight of The RAH set was being joined on stage by none other than E.C !!




Mostly they do .... 4th May RAH .They didn't ..


Hope you have a fab gig tonight !!!!

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Won't be taking a camera before ya ask!








Anyone else seen him' date=' any particular highlights of his set? [/quote']

Just enjoy it.

I saw him at a small venue' date=' got an autograph and a chance to chat briefly.


If you can, go check out his rack of guitars.

Oh, mercy....



Chandler, Gigliotti, all kinds of boutique names in there.


Maybe he'll sign your Les Paul if you play your cards right....



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