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By body size. I know 339's are small.


Other than body size what's the difference?


To a regular 335? I don't think much. I think the pickups are the same.


There is a Memphis tone circuit on the 339, which keeps the high end when the tone is rolled off or something like that.


Change the topic to something related to es 339's and I'm sure someone like Murph will answer.

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GLP I'm talkin about all of em 100s and upwards. 335s 355s anythin just body size.


Ah., I definitely don't think I can help too much, except in the ES 3xx's

The others are a range, too many.


ES 330 hollow body, p-90, mini block inlays

ES 335 semi hollow, humbuckers, range of tailpieces, neck w/o binding ( mahogany with rosewood fb)

ES 345 Varitone full binding, split block inlays, Full binding

ES 355 Bigsby/maestro


345 and 355 with stereo and mono jacks

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The 339 is slightly smaller than a 335, but it's bigger than a Les Paul. It's a "touch" bigger than an SG, a bit thicker, but the horns are obviously different.


I like the Memphis wiring for live gigging with a dimed tube amp a few feet behind me on a flight case. I can adjust sustain with a slight body turn.......


I also am a big fan of the 30/60 neck.


Mine's not red, though........

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