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Always diligent to keep the forums from ill-repute.


No..... just enjoying all the post' date=' and I have the day off, and all the brats are at school, and the wife is at work[cool']


You guys and gals do a good job of keeping yourselves in check[cool] .......


Since becoming a Mod, I've had no reason to issue any warnings to any members, nor hand-out ban-slips...LOL!!!!

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I communicated this to a member in a PM....


We certainly don't want to hang the rules over everyone's head like a dark cloud. And certainly we understand this forum wasn't made with the "Sisters of Mercy" in mind, so we clearly understand that most of us will toe the line or even go beyond it at times[biggrin] ..LOL!!!


As long as we don't make a habit of tearing each others guts out, or attacking ones character I think we'll be okay[thumbup]

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