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So what do you get when you ...


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1 - Take a design from 2 failed production models ( Les Paul Personal and Prof )

2 - Put what looks like Tbird Pickups

3 - Add a top that looks like a Burnt Shnitzel

4 - Couple it all to a technology no one cares to use

5 - Remove all the nice binding

6 - Make it over 4K


Dusk Tiger !!!


So is someone going to explain this marvel to me ?

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1 - the Dusk Tiger has a flat top. The LP Personal and professional didn't...

2 - they are indeed a P90 and a BurstBucker with plain, plastic covers...

3 - agree

4 - the technology is the only thing that this guitar isn't missing...

5 - well, I prefer Dark Fire's binding...

6 - outrageous

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