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I Need a Firebird V Used and Stock condition


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I don't know where all these 'birds' have gone but, I'd like to purchase this guitar from anyone who may want to sell. I've had my 1976 re-issue stolen from me and can't afford a new one. Ebay seems to be too full of questionable stuff and their prices are too high.


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Bluezguy' date='

Put photos or descript of your '76RI up on the post, in the meantime, do you have a preference on year/model?[/quote']


I only got this one pic of me holding her which went into a Detroit Blues Society rag back around 1995. It's a real camera pic so I'll have to shoot it with my digital to show ya.


Beggers can't be choosy (except in this case)#-o . I need a Firebird V with the banjo keys & stock pups.. one that has not been 'rock starred' if ya know what I mean. Year is now unimportant. My best slide work came outta this instrument.

It just ain't the same on a Les Paul or SG... it's really what you're used to.


Now, I'm less a bunch of hair but, even more; less the instrument. As James Brown once screamed... HEPP ME!!! Uhhhhh....






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Hello Bluezguy,


This might upset some purists, but if you need a good playing reverse Firebird V for not much money, I suggest taking a look at an Orville by Gibson. Yeah, they were made in Japan, but the "G" serial number series has real Gibson USA made mini-humbuckers and they were made in the Terada factory, which has always had first-rate workmanship (better than a lot of '60s US made guitars, I'm afraid). They are set necks (long tenon), not neck through body, but I bought one not too long ago, and in all honesty, it sounds better through an amp than some of the 60's Firebirds I've owned (though my '68 non-reverse sounds better unplugged). I bought mine from an Ebayer in Japan who goes by the name of "Poochakira," and I recommend him to anyone without hesitating for MIJ guitars. Sorry to hear about your guitar being stolen-I hope you get it back, but in the meantime, good luck finding a replacement!



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