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Bring back the flying v v90 please !!!!!!!


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Is it just me or do the current V's just don't bring that much to the table? I think gibson is stuck in a rut and playing it safe for too long. Good job on realing the Sharkfin explorer but that v90 with the original floyd Rose and those diamond inlays AND the steinberger latch for sit down playing was just so advanced and awesome. What happened?????? What about some rudy schenker v's in lime green, sunset orange or neon pink and purple!!!????? Cmon gibson. Get with the program and put some product out there that a teenager will buy. Sorry but the RR1 series from Jackson is such an awesome guitar and right now my top pick for best value in a V.



Gibson could reclaim that title easy with a rerelease of the classic V90 two PUs FR with those color schemes I mentioned above. Anywho, here's hoping for a miracle or somebody selling a v90 on ebay.

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Have one 4sale


Black w/Bridge Humbucker and volume knob.

All original NO MODS. OHSC.. Steinberger trem and leg rest.

VGC Trem needs help ....steinberger BAD design.....


VERY playable, VERY fast ..Very straight .

24 frets No fretwear.... paint good to VG ...VERY little buckle rash..


Case interior MINT .....exterior has some scuffs combo still set too 000 w/instructions still inside

No documentation .....have owned for over 10 years.


Serial # resolves to MFG Gibson Custom Shop Nashville TN 18 June 1988 20th stamp that day.



Wanna deal?


249 100% POS Feedback on eBay.


52 and still jammin'






P.S. IMHO Gibson, Fender, PRS have all dropped the ball..The markets are flooded with cookie cutter junk.

You would be lucky to find a "keeper" in any store anywhere! Re-issues are a sad joke..........

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Hello Chilichomper!


Check your spam filter, I have tried to email you thru this forum and got no reply.

Took more pics of the thing last night with a better camera.


Too bad this forum doesn't allow good pictures!


Here are some links to other v90's:









I will try to get on photobucket (maybe) and post some pics there but am anxious to sell!


After cleaning, re-stringing and playing the thing last nite I am falling in love with it again.


If I can get $599 plus shipping/insurance for it it will go!


May be listing within a week!



Cheers S13

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I concur, IMHO the V-90 is hands down the best hard rock/ heavy metal guitar gibson has ever made, and they should make it again (I would buy AT LEAST 2 more as backups for my original). it is the only V i have ever seen, from any company, that has COMPLETE access to all 24 frets, none of this junk with joining the body at the 17th fret or so.


mine has a Duncan Distortion in the bridge (so sad, if only i could find the original PCB pickup instead... [biggrin] ) and the original SC in the neck. not that this is solely a metal guitar, by any means. with the coil taps i have gotten some flat out AMAZING jazz and blues tones out of it as well. it came with gold leaf shielding, which i assume is aftermarket, but its an ingenious idea, and blows away some $2000 les pauls i have seen with NO sheilding, wires not attached, ect. the neck is perfect, plays like a dream, and after i re-dressed the frets, you couldn't fit a credit card between the strings and frets.


i DID replace the volume control with a 1 Meg pot, but thats what i do with every guitar when i get it anyway, 500s just sound too dark and don't let the pups breathe enough, and i also wired the coil tap as a series/parallel instead, to get a SC-ish sound w/o the hum. of course, i am also one of the few players who likes the ability to change between the fat, raunchy rage of a hb and the glassy snap of a SC, so this is the perfect combination for me.


i live about 1/2 mile from the Gibson factory in downtown Memphis, and this guitar out-plays ANY guitar they have on their floor at the moment, or any they have had out for the past year. the quality and playability of the V-90 are out of this world i would put in the same range as the kramer Nightswan for sheer playability, although this is a much more versatile guitar. 24 frets with full, UNINHIBITED access is a must for many modern musical styles, which is why many new school metal players go to other companies like jackson. i myself am currently looking at a bc rich jr v, but it's not the same.


that said, gibson would be VERY smart to bring back this amazing piece of gear, especially a guitar with a SC and a coil tap, or better yet, a noiseless SC and a series/parallel switch.



i may try to put some pics up of mine, with the black paint and sparkly pickguard its just plain sexy [biggrin]

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I bought Brett's (subVert13) black V90 above. Great guitar and fantastic seller! Excellent communication and the packing... well i dont think the UPS guys could have hurt the guitar if they were attacking the box with baseball bats!


I love the v90 as well. I will definitely be interested in picking up another one if i can find one! The SG version of the V90 (SG90 ?) is also at the top of my shopping list.

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I've had to join this Forum simply because of the discussions about the V90s!! I absolutely adore these guitars and have various wonderful examples - the earliest being from '87, a year before they were supposed to have released them! It has some notable idiosyncrasies that are very interesting. Having such wonderful access to the high frets is part of the appeal of any V for me, but a 24 fret neck with such access is like the Holy Grail for me, as I downtune many of my guitars a 3rd or 4th, meaning I still end up with the same pitch (more or less) at the top of a drop-B guitar as on my standard Vs in standard tuning. Add to that the Floyd and it is a delightful choice of instrument for any sort of heavy rock/metal! I do have a couple of aspects that I think could be improved: the neck pickup could/should be a proper humbucker rather than a single coil - I believe the scale length (for me, a part of what makes these Vs so optimized for drop tuning) and choice of a single coil were simply indicative of Gibson's intentions of the time, to take on the Strat and its' clones, strat style whammy shred guitars (Charvels, Van Halen style stratty things, etc). Also, the necks are maple, for me tonally different and probably also to do with the above (my suspicions of Gibson's intent), I would love to hear these V90s with mahogany necks. There is plenty of space on a 25 1/2 inch scale, 24 fret guitar to fit two humbuckers on the V90; Ibanez fit two buckers with a single coil between them on the same scale length and number of frets! As a result, I'm in the process of making myself my prototype V90 but with a mahogany neck and ebony board (tho for this one I'm not bothering to put in the split diamond inlays - just dots), mahogany body and a Bill Lawrence PU @ the bridge plus a standard 490R @ the neck. Many people don't realise that the thru-body V-plate stringing, although wonderful looking, also has a drawback: the strings often foul the back edge (away from the playing length admittedly) of the bridge, so I am going with two options (I will be making a second prototype with which ever method I don't use on prototype#1)- a V-plate nearer the body edge or a stop tail located way back like on "The V" models ( or "The V CMT" {curly maple top}) as the more string length the better, for my liking. I will make a third prototype with a floyd, two buckers and mahogany/ebony neck/board later, once I ascertain if, tonally, these guitars are doing it for me. Obviously, they have a very particular and distinctive sound and feel (and look, of course) just the way they are. I suppose I'm simply trying to align the sound with more of what I instinctively anticipate from a Gibson Flying V! I am also trying to reproduce the Medallion V ('73 I think), as I love that step up to the fingerboard on these, tho I won't necessarily be bothering with the keyway style of construction used back then.

I promise, at sometime in the near future, to put piccies of my crop of V90s online or on my profile here, but you are all correct: Gibson should most definitely re-issue the V90, for me nothing else comes close!

All the best fellow V90 wielders, make the earth shake with your rockin tone!


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