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What are the most annoying songs to get stuck in your head?

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I worked (15 years) as a photographer (contractor) with Disney's Imagineering.

A GREAT job, but whenever we had to go to Disneyland, and photograph (document)

ride improvements, or new installations, I'd always come out, with that "It's A Small World,"

song, STUCK in my head! "The Horror, The Horror!" LOL! Gosh...just recalling that, it will

(probably) be stuck in my head, the rest of the day, now! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!



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Great! This is a trap topic.

If you read through the posts, there will be a song you hate listed and it will get stuck.

Otherwise, you'll think of the song you find most annoying, respond and IT will get stuck in your head.


Oh, injury!

I like when Chacarron gets stuck in my head >.>


Anything I can't sing along with I don't like to hear in my head. Hearing it is fine. Warping the words in my head, not so good. By this I mean songs in languages I can't even fake-sing-along with.

I can't sing like the guy from Boston, but I still go for those high notes xD

J-pop, not even right to try.

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