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Question for Murph

Silenced Fred

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I like the bel air 212


But all I need is a smaller amp, I already have a 50Watt Amp, I don't need another.


This is switchable from 5 to 16 Watts I believe and would be perfect for me, it is between this and the Marshall Class5 but this would provide more versatility.

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You brought up the Carvin Vintage 16 before' date=' do you have one? If not, do you know of any decent sound clips for one?


I know you are big on Carvin, so I thought I would ask[/quote']


Nope. But I would buy one in a Heartbeat.


Carvin is a rock solid American Company, just like Gibson.


I own a Carvin AG100D acoustic amp, Carvin monitor stuff, and a Carvin R1000 4:10 bass rig from the old bass days.


I'm ALL Gibson when it comes to guitars lately, but am also all about Carvin P.A. gear and their monitor stuff. It just simply never fails........


Double tough..........


Best of luck.



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