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What have I bought ???


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I have this Les paul Custom Shop...it was sold to me as a Catalina Series in Rivershed Red, However it appears to have a number of changed parts that contradict this, the Serial number appears to be of the time and the differences from a Catlina number a few too many to be true.


Apparently all Catalinas had perloid pick guards and truss rod covers black speed knobs, this one has a more traditional cream pick guard and black truss cover and gold top hat knobs.


Every thing else appears genuine enough but can anyone tell me have I got a Catalina or just a customshop standard in the same Rivershed Red. I would like to sell this guitar but am having problems describing it or justifying it provinance.


If any one has the chance to take a look it can be viewed here...




Its currently on sale in a firends shop

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I Don't think its a fake it sounds too good and too many people have tried it and found nothing to suspect its a fake.


Having seen the Turqiose one and previously seen the model in a repro of a Gibson Catalogue I know such a thing was made. My only enquiry was that all the plastic parts appear to be cream and not as in the case of the Turquoise and previous red examples I have seen, Pearloid and white (White being the colour of the Pickup surrounds)...


In my case all of these parts are colour matched and the knobs are gold....The guitar seems very appropriately dressed and so I wondered whether this was a Catalina or just a rare Custom shop with bits added from the Gibson "oh we've run out of the perloid stuff what are we going to do with this one" bin!


What I mean is its been dressed in the wrong gear...I just cant accept some would buy a Catalina and rederess it so thoughly even the Switch ring is changed and it all matches so perectly..it even looks better than the Red Catalina..My thought are it cam out fo the factory like this.


I guess I will never know.


BTW as for authenticity we have had it apart and if it is a fake....they took longer and put more care into it than Gibson would have taken making the real thing !!! It also has that rare and distinctive ring that these chambered models had. It also weighs the same as a Catalina should..to the ounce based on all the facts I could discover.


Thanks for all your feed back

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