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Some pics of my new traditional


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Great choice. I bought a new gold top Traditional a few months back and I have not regretted it one iota.


The tone is amazing. You will be amazed by the versatility of the guitar, particularly the clear differences between the two pickups. The bridge pickup blew me away. Very nasty.


She's a bit on the weighty side, but I found it lighter than some other Traditionals. Not sure why.


You will love it. Enjoy!!!

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Nice Traditional!! I would love to hear it through that VOX.


I also love artsy photo with the garden hose' date=' kind of Andy Warhol.[/quote']



The nighttrain rocks. I prefer it through the peavey's 4-10 cabinet. Sounds great through the fender band master cab too. The hose was just left out. I didn't want to just put in on the dirty ground.

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