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06 Gibson Thunderbird Studio


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Well I picked up a 06 Gibson Thunderbird Studio for $450 last night. Its in mint condition from what I could tell. The kid I got it from received it as a gift from his dad and never played it. Got the original Gibson USA hardshell case with it too. A nice welcome addition to my bass family!


I did a lot of research before hand between the Studio and the IV and was quite impressed with the Studio. For it being a mahogany bass, it was lighter than I anticipated. My standard LP bass feels much heavier. I also looked to see if there was any online for sale. Not too many actually. Seems to be a good deal at that price.


I will post pictures of it when I get home from work....






06 Les paul Standard Bass VSB

06 Thunderbird Studio

09 Limted Run Grabber 2

09 Epiphone Jack Cassidy

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