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Hi guys...sorry, have not been around for a while.


Anyway, purchased a Howard Roberts (1991) yesterday. Picked it up and couldn't put it down. I really like this guitar....going to be putting it througha new Egnater Rebel 30.


Take care...hope to be around more now.

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Don't have in hands yet...probably before Christmas (a treat to myself). It's in the back put to bed for me.


I played it to make sure my hands didn't hit the "fingers" or dull the tone. My position and style seems to work fine with it. I have never had a guitar with "fingers"...I understand it has to do with the pressure you want to apply to each string so they can be adjusted accordingly. Want x-larges for part, lights for part...don;t know anyone who plays that way but if I understand right its for separate adjustment.


The first Fusion (not the one with the hole) had a stop tail piece.


Have a 335...but the upper can rub my nipple and cause soreness. I like the guitar because of the size, both overall dimensions and width and the cutout fits a leg well while sitting.


It's vintage burst, 19 years old now and seems to have a bit of mojo to it.

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Yeah..thanks brundaddy...that nipples tyaken a beating.


Shade...the one from your youtube is a Howard Roberts Fusion (or Fusion I) it has the stop tailpiece. If I can find one of those it would be nice. Look up Fusion III, I am getting the first year that was made, 1991.


Thanks for the responses guys..

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