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Fretless wonder best years?The great black guitar moments!


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I'd think by consensus the '68 - early '69s. Maple top, 2 pickups, one piece necks, with out the Norlin pancake bodies, etc. The original 50s era have mahogany bodies and are rather dark sounding, though ultra cool intheir own right. Also give a nod to the early Henry J. era Customs.


The "Fretless Wonder" frets (referred to as the "Fretless Blunder") were a curse for string bending. In the day I must have sent two dozen out for re-freting as part of the sales deal. I tried to order them with standard frets from Norlin-era Gibson and got an earful from the sales rep about me trying to redesign the guitar.

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Do you have a timeline ' date=' something like that?


I'd like to know about the 80s , 90s an 00 era too!


WHat are your opinions on recent les pauls (last 30 years or so, post norlin era?)


Let me know.[/quote']

I got A new Silverburst custom.;2009 Full Body

And..I can assure you..That the Sound.;was INCREDIBLE good!

Yes maybe A 77..sounds Better..But..Yeah that 09 Sounded original.;Agressive Loud.;Warm..Just great!

Anyone knows anything About 1971..customs?

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