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Gibson Luther"s Choice Hi Gloss Polish damage my guitar?


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I just bought some gib hi gloss polish and used as directed and the spots where I applied it are now tarnished. see image below.

Note the long smudge from the center leading to the bottom left corner.Can I fix this?




I was also wondering if there is any way to get rid of the circular scratched that are on the guitars right out of the box. You have to hold to the light to see but I think they are under the clear coat.


Last I am thinking my fret board might look like it's a little dry even tho I just recently conditioned it with the gib stuff.




My Baby


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My advice is don't use any of that crap on your guitar. It's a Robot, so it's only a few months old...in other words, it's a brand spankin' new guitar & doesn't need any polish. Just a wipe down after usage.


As for your fret board. Use one product and one product only...Fret Doctor. I guy here recommended it (Hollow body forum, I think). Said everybody at LPF uses it. I looked into it, did a search there, and low & behold, he was right. Guys at LPF praised it.


I ordered a bottle of it and tried it out on my (guinea pig) acoustic...and it's awesome. I'm serious, don't use anything else on your fretboard. I haven't had a string change on any of my Gibbies yet, but based on my acoustic's fretboard, I will never use another fretboard cleaner.

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I wrote to Gibson a month or so ago...

I asked what I should use on nitro.

Their response?

" The only polish we recomend is the Hi Gloss"

I have used it ever since, and had no problems.

I just hope that down the road I dont have a disaster!

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I'm glad that I saw this post. After picking up my new baby this weekend, I was going to slide over to guitar center for some polish because the new Slash is making my Custom shop look bad. =D> I've had a couple people tell me to use a good car polish but I was going to go talk to those guys. I mean no offense by this but sometimes I just really wish there was someone there that really knew their stuff, and it wasn't just a "job".

Here's what I'm talking about, I for sure don't want to do anything to scratch my pride and joy!


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It was stated here long ago...

If you want to keep your baby new and pristine there is only one way to do it.


Keep it in its case 24/7


We all know thats not going to happen.

Battlescars happen. Its a pisser when it comes from the factory that way, but thats another story.

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Ive owned over 25 Gibsons over the years both new and secondhand and never had a problem with Gibson Pump polish. If i have picked up a neglected Gibson guitar a couple of wipes over with the Gibson Polish retores the finish back to somthing like new. On the new Gibsons i have, it keeps it looking good too.


Perhaps if its smearing your maybe applying too much polish or using the wrong type of cloth? They do recommend those yellow cotton cloths for use with the polish. Car polish should work too afterall its a nitro finish the same as a car, personally i will stick to the Gibson stuff.

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Thanx guys! Any ideas for the tiny circle scratches? I only use microfiber cloths.


I only use Gibson polish products, usually the pump polish, though I also have some of the same hi-gloss liquid. I have never had a problem with any of them. I have found that the rag more often than not will be the culprit in scratching if your not careful due to the soft nitrocellulose finish. Be especially careful of stitched ends of micro fiber cloths.

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Yeah, the rag makes a big difference, when I'm polishing my car before a show (got one coming up in two weeks), I will use a micro fiber folded in 1/4s, after 8 wipes, I use a clean cloth.

Here's my other passion.


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I've owned two black Les Pauls.



They show every scratch and swirl.

Lighter colors are much more forgiving.


Oh, the swirls are still there, you just have to look REAL hard to see them.


Gibson Pump polish works for me when a dry cloth won't do it alone.

Spend the money on some good cloths, or even some white cotton hand towels if you can handle a little lint.

I use thick, soft white cotton towels and wash them with bleach and HOT water.

You have to wash them regularly because of all the unseen dust they trap.


Dust = scratches and swirls.


The more you wipe, the more you scratch.



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That's it, crush my dream of a black Paul.=D> My wife had a black MINI and it was murder, to keep looking nice. If I get a black Paul, it will have to be kept in a glassed in case. I'm having a guy at my work build me some of these, he could put glass on them but it would cost a lot more. (maybe have one glassed)


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It only left the smudge streak and spots where the polish was directly applies and sat for a few seconds and yes I shook it up very well first. I too used pump polish before and never had any probs.


As far as the yellow Gibson cloths go i used one on my raven sg and it left noticeable scratches so i bought the microfiber cloths that L&M sells for guitars and brass instruments. You are right about watching out for the stitching on those cloths though and don't just use any microfiber cloth they are not all the same, some are very coarse while others very fine. I wouldn't use the looped type.


I think I'll try and get my hands on some of that virtuoso polish and see if it fixes it. It's really hard to see but I know it's there.

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