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She may be deaf' date=' so be prepared. I've heard it's common in white cats with blue eyes.


Beautiful kitty, though. I'd get it anyway [biggrin



I heard that a long time ago, too. Even knew a deaf, white, blue-eyed kitty. But I've known a few since that were perfectly normal as cats go. Here's my normal guy. (note the scratches on Gramma's hand) he's full to the brim with attitude.



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I have a British Bombay. She's all black with green eyes. She basically looks exactly like a mini panther. I can honestly say that my cat is the best cat I've ever seen.


We took her in about 4-6 years ago as a young stray. She was in near mint condish though. High quality stuff.


I like my cat more than I like just about any person.


Get the cat!


(I have a black guitar called "The Cat")

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Adopting is a cool thing to do. You are doing yourself a favor by adopting a nice pet' date=' as well as the community - not to mention the lucky ***** cat.[/quote']


What! The Gibson site has automatically edited/moderated my entry because i used the coloquial term for cat - with no sexual innuendo. Yet Kolera enters the plural, and it gets through?


Go figure. If we are worried about corrupting kids, the Gibson site just did it for us by labelling something clean that I posted as being dirty.

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Are they out of dogs? :-


Dogs are great, but not everyone is a dog person >.>

I'm scared of dogs. Worked at a vet clinic to get cured, and I'm better, but I still get sweaty around them.


What a pretty kitty that one is.

My white cat was cross-eyed...he'd bump his head when he'd try to hop on the counter >.>


Rescuing an adult cat is the bestest cus they aren't AS hyper.

Also, I've noticed rescue pets are grateful creatures and love you lots and lots.

I have a rescue dog. Rescue is the way to go.

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Kitties rule. My little guy is part Siamese and has eyes much like that. He's 19 and is nearing the end of his time and is still a wonderful buddy. I once had one if those deaf, white, blue eyed cats and that was a detriment to its survival so be careful with that.

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Cats are awesome. I remember last year I was staying at a family friends house in New York City and the two cats (who loved me) got in a play fight at 2 in the morning. I watched em fight for a bit and they started fighting on top of me. They went into the toehr room and I hear a crash, poor lamp. Funny cats.


What did that have to do with anything?

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