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Gratuitous Photo of My Dogs

Mr. Robot

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Heres my bestest buddy.........Rocky Balboa.

When I adopted him, he was a poor, starving, orphan that was so emaciated, I thought he was a Greyhound, my Wife thought he was a Whippett.

Turns out that he's an A.P.B.T (American PittBull Terrier) that was so starved, he was cannibalizing the skin off the sides of his own feet to survive.


Now, 3 years later, he's a happy little fat-boy, and the best canine companion i've ever had.



He's gained about 20 pounds since this pic..............since he found us, he's gone from 28 lbs. to 80 lbs.


My signature says it all !!

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Here is one of 3 GSD I had . I used to train them all in Schutzhund sport, 2 males and a female . Brutus,RickyLee (F) and Dwayn. This is "Dwayn" he was a great Dog, I took him all the way to Sch III and a FH III....he was a very good competitor.

I miss him....



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