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For truly "cutting/edgy" tones My Blackstar Head has treble wide open, mids on 1, bass on 1, and the "ISF"(tube blending) knob set 1 mark towards "U.K" tone from center position.

Gain is set at a gentle but gritty, 2.5

These settings thru a 12" Fender-Jensen speaker make my guitars literally SING!!

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I have my amp settings pretty much like Bender4life.


MusicMan 2x12 combo. Reverb channel, input 1. Treble 10, Mid 0, Bass 0.


All that almost never changes.


Channel Volume 7 for 'Bluesbreakers' sounds; 8 - 9 for Kossoff-type sounds; 5 for clean jazz. Reverb to suit.


Treble is controlled wholly from the guitar Tone and Vol knobs. Typically neck p-up at (Vol) 7 - 8, (Tone) 3 - 4; Bridge at (V) 7 - 8, (T) 5.


I've been told the re-issues' circuitry is different from the regular L-P's and, subsequently, the Vol knob has a more pronounced effect on tone. Certainly the tonal breadth is different.


HOWEVER......I've tried these same settings on a few Marshall set-ups recently (both stack and combo) and couldn't get anywhere near the sounds I usually play. They seemed to have ten-times the mids even when they were rolled off totally! I'm sure it's just a case of experimenting but as they weren't mine I didn't have the luxury of time with them. It's been almost thirty years since I sold my mid-sixties 2x10 Marshall and have no idea what I used to set it to. (But in those days I was a Strat man...[-( )

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