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any body use a dunlop rotovibe?


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I have 2 of the real thing ( Leslie 122 & Leslie G37)......9 times out of 10 I use the Hughes & Kettner Rotosphere.

Run it through 2 amps at the same time and its spot on....I cannot tell the difference.


Good info. There are prolly hundreds of ways to fake it.



But there still ain't nothing like the real thing - presuming that one wants to haul around a huge one-trick-pony in preference to the many digital sort-of-sound-alikes.


I'm not gigging every weekend... If I did, I'd prolly look for a 90% solution.


Two amps and a pedal - that's certainly a better solution particularly when the audience has no idea. I'm not sure that it weighs any less, however...

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I'll qualify my post by saying I'm NOT a pedal guy at all.

This RotoVibe is one that really made me take notice.


Zakk Wylde used them to great effect for years.

I saw him a couple times in the early nineties doing his solo "Pride & Glory" stuff.

His pedal set up was very basic with the Roto and a Crybaby.


Seen a few other shows with them in the rig and I liked the way it sounded.

Never played thru one myself.


Does it beat the real thing as described above?

I dunno, but the price ain't too bad.

Buy one, see for yourself - if you don't use it much, then just keep it for a rainy day.

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I got one in 1997 and it was an integral part of my sound for years. With my last band I didn't use the pedal at all and got on with a Phase90 and no vibrato. Didn't miss it. Now I use the Rotovibe for one song and only the vibrato mode.


It sounds good, not great, and gets the job done. A few comments


- The chorus is not chorus, it is phase

- The vibrato is nice and if you set it to the slowest speed it'll give your guitar that warped record sound

- This pedal is a *huge* tone suck and I don't know how hard it would be to make it true bypass

- The Univibe or Fulltone's phaser/vibrato pedals are a better option if you can swing the cash

- Distortion or fuzz and this pedal are nice a combination.

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BOSS RT-20 Rotary Sound Processor


I got one.


Mine gets used when I wanna sound like a B3 with a Leslie. It's close enough in ways.


Got tired of hauling the Fender Leslie back in 78. Finally got the RT-20 a year ago. It works.


None of 'em really sounds like a Leslie, even a one-speaker unit like the Fender version didn't. Recorded from the amp, the Boss unit is close, especially given that a guitar ain't a B3. It also has various controls for fast speed, slow speed, brake, horn and bass balance, etc...


I use mine mostly when I'm doing a blues backup sorta thing where normally a B3 would be. Or for stuff I initially heard in the '50s that were B3 tunes.


--- EDited after thinking a minute...


I looked at the Dunlap and a buncha others. I liked the extra control on the Boss. I dunno about sounds per se.


But... my "antique" tube amp's trem does as well or better than some stomp boxes I've seen/heard - and that's why, until I got the solid state amp I mostly use now because it's less than half the weight, I didn't really feel overwhelmed to get a Leslie emulator at all...



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