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Favorite Beatles tune?


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Definitely "Happiness is a Warm Gun".[thumbup]


That to me is Lennon's masterpiece. The mix,words,music,playing,singing freaking everything is spot on in the that song.

I have the new stereo mix of The White Album and still think that song sounds better in mono.

Certain little things in their other songs I find fault with(settle down,you do it too I'm sure-muso's nature)but that...nah.

It's perfect in every way. I never grow tired of hearing it.

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Well it changes all the time but at this very moment in time....


Sexy Sadie- John's voice is so awesome on this one and the other three's musicianship is superb.


I've Got A Feeling- Saw Paul do this live this past August. Only topper would have been John there to sing it with him.


Here Comes The Sun- Always the first riff I play when picking up an acoustic. Love the message/ everydays a new day.


My top 3 but tomorrow it will be completely new I'm sure.

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Like most of ya'll, it's impossible to pick just one...or even just 10......


I really enjoy "In My Life" and of course "Yesterday"...but how can you dismiss "Blackbird" or "Michelle" or "Baby's In Black" or "Eleanor Rigby" or "For No One"....."If I needed Someone"......."I've Just Seen A Face"....Please.... make me stop........"You've Got To Hide Your Love Away"


"Norweigian Wood"... somebody STOP me........


"I'm Looking Through You"

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At this point in time:


Polythene Pam/She Came in Through the Bathroom Window - White Album


Happiness is a warm Gun - White Album


One After 909 - Let It Be


Get Back - Let It Be


Norweigian Wood - Rubber Soul


I'm Looking Through You - Rubber Soul

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I could no more pick a favourite Beatles song than I could pick a favourite child,there are many songs that hold a special signifigance to me but to pick one,in my case it just can't be done.


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