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Favorite Blues Tune


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John Lee Hooker live at the cafe au gogo. The songs "Serves me right to suffer", "Bang,Bang,Bang,Bang" and "Whats the matter baby?". Wow is all I can say. Just the style of blues that I love. You can't help but go grab your guitar if its handy when you hear those songs. The whole album is good but those are just a little more my style.

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Great Thread. I haven't been able to find my Favorite Blues Tune since my roommate stole my Blind Willie MacTell tape about 12 years ago. The only Blind Willie McTell Cassette i ever came across, which is probably why it got stolen.


Anyway there was a song on there about a Yo-Yo. "Let Me Play With Your Yo Yo." Haven't been able to find it since, not even at the Zune Marketplace.





Love that Twelve String!!!

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im with ya on this one dave...


p.s how do ya get the image to appear when ya post a youtube vid? i only get the links? [sad]

me too' date='


You click BB in the box when replying, then select youtube. Copy the link and paste it between the two youtube in brackets. see below


[YOUTUBE'] put youtube url here [/YOUTUBE]

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