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My new old toy.


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Thought I'd show off something I picked up the other day from an old couple selling on CraigsList.


1948 Gibson ES-125 - "Murielle"


They stated with pride that it had been owned and played by a musician named "Bob Boston," which is obvious by the letters on the case. I couldn't find anything about the guy though. I'm in Seattle, but I searched state-wide. I found out there's a government official named Bob Boston, so I emailed and asked if the guitar might have belonged to his father.


The tuner buttons are all but cracking away, I'll have to replace them. The bridge was also in the wrong place, and had been there for years and years, as there was a lot of grime when I moved it back to where it should be.


The neck is in great shape. I adjusted the truss a little after putting some 11 gage strings on it. The P90 sounds wonderful, but I haven't had a chance to crank it yet. I'm looking forward to when I can do just that.


The finish is better than most I've seen, though the funny thing is, I walked into the music store right after buying it. There was a guy who was at the counter with HIS 1950 ES-125, just back from servicing. The original pick guard had off-gassed and essentially destroyed the P90 wiring. He had the pickup rewired and reinstalled. When I told him I only paid $500, his jaw dropped. He had paid $1400. Granted, the finish and metal on his looked nearly new.


I named the guitar Murielle after the lady who answered my CraigsList ad. She and her husband were in their late 50s or older and had owned the guitar since '72. In a way, I felt bad for taking this guitar for so little, but I didn't haggle nor try to talk them down. I just played it, smiled, and said that I'd take it, then handed over $500.


I didn't tell them I named the guitar after her though. That's just my thing. She goes VERY well with my 1944 Epiphone Zenith. It's body is IDENTICAL in size, but the scale is smaller on the Gibson. They are sonically very close when unplugged. The Zenith, named Eleanor, has K&K "Pure Archtop" transducers, so when plugged in, she sounds just like she does unplugged. Murielle is what you'd expect from a P90.


Anyhow, hope you dig the pics. I'll try and put a video up soon.




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