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I for one think guitar playing and music in general is beyond anything else in the world. It can bring the most different people together, after all it has brought all of us from all around the world here to this forum.


Some of us have had some arguments, some have said the wrong thing to some... but once someone posts pics of a great looking guitar or a video of them playing, everyone is friends again and everything is forgoten.


Is it?


On my part, yes it is. I have things in common with some of you guys, and some have/do things I don't like... but I consider all of you friends, and as I told Neo once in a PM, for me friendship is about that, if you were all perfect nd did as I liked, then friendship wouldn't be needed.


By the way I started this thread after Muprh's thread.




Now for the porn [biggrin]







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I have to agree with you almost. There are some beliefs that think music is evil. Yea no kidding. And unfortunately music is only one of things why the west is hated. And with that, it would be difficult to transcend those walls if only one party is willing to let music soothe the savage beast.


Nice fiddle you got there TG. She looks great.


PS The Lounge Lizards are still standing by. I have a new track of the same song, only it's played better. Let me know if you want me to send it to you.

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I didn't vote, I guess 'cuz I see it as a lot deeper than two choices.


I think on a person-to-person basis, yeah, at least when it's music being done.


On a group-to-group sorta basis, I don't really think so.


Like it or not, in ways the line about superior firepower kinda hits it.


Sports and music and stuff like that sounds good and are an interesting vehicle for improving one-to-one sorts of relationships but...


I also in my more cynical thoughts end up with a belief that the "multicultural" sorta education we talk about to lessen conflicts over a number of cultural differences will only work if you don't really have that significant a difference in culture.


In fact... think of it this way: Countries/cultures where there ain't recognizable rock and jazz and country music have a great difficulty for whatever reason in comprehending "Western European" culture. If they don't "get" a I-IV-V chord progression, it seems as if that ain't necessarily all they don't get.


But then, that's just a cynical old man talking.



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It's human nature to think and believe differently on enpassioned topics, based on personal experiences...


Music can unite, music can help heal. Jimmie Rodgers, Woody Gutherie, Bob Dylan... It can also magnify tensions, if only personal...


Great song by Steve Earle, dreaming of peace...


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I say yes.


I find that music is universal, everyone GETS IT. It's a common ground we all can relate. You don't need a ridiculously high IQ or a college degree to love music.


Look at woodstck it brought so many people from god knows what corners of the world together.

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Of course it does. What the documentaries made by Sam Dunn. "Metal: A Headbanger's Journey" and "Global Metal." Music festival bring all types of people together. Some who normally would never get along to begin with. Wacken Open Air sold around 70,000 tickets this year. People from all over Earth gather to this event. Try to count the number of global acts over the last 50 years. Kiss, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Metallica, Iron Maiden....

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I think or hope that yes it can, to answer your question. I just want to say that I happen

to like pick guard's, because I am just learning to play and consider it as my training wheels.

I do not want to think about what would happen if my pick slipped and the gaurd was

not there to catch it.

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Thought about this one for awhile, Thunder...


Yes, on an individual basis, playing guitar can be a uniting force, but it largely depends on the individuals involved.

So can cooking, or automobiles, or antiques. Common ground is what we seek when we want to peacefully co-exist.



I don't think giving everyone in Iran a Les Paul is going to change their anti- America stance one bit.



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Wouldn't that have to be an example of 'contradiction in terms'?


I don't know it's kept America and her allies relatively peaceful thru the years... Not entirely, but much of the time.

Ya know Russia never fired any nuclear missiles at us perhaps because we had as many or more than they did.

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