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When did Gibson stop using V necks on J45's and/or SJ's?


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If I ever decide to buy a vintage guitar sight unseen I want to make sure I avoid a V neck since I hate them..


You might be over-reacting. I don't recall any V neck Gibsons during the 50s, 60s, 70s or even the 80s. It seems to me Gibson brought back a modified version of the V neck on some selected models periodically during the 90s and 00's. These were not the same significant V shaped necks that existed on many pre-WW2 guitars in my opinion. I have at least one pre-WW2 guitar that actually has a real V neck. The V neck, BTW, especially the modernized version is quite a good neck as if you partially close (half way) your fretting hand you'll notice that a V actually forms in your hand at the end of the index finger. V necks can actually conform to the hand's true shape when fretting and be quite comfortable especially when playing up the neck. My advice is to attend some vintage guitar shows if they are in your area and check out how Gibsons' necks evolved over the years. (In the 60s, the necks became much thinner in back while the 50s were thicker/more rounded. By the early 70s the necks were so thin in back they were like slivers compared to today's Gibsons. Hope this helps and is food for thought.


QM aka Jazzman Jeff

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