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I just got a cherry one and it is a nasty wonder. I was all prepared to buy a Les Paul (with 57 pickups) when I saw it sitting in the corner. Looked like a miniature of a 355 I once owned. The range and quality of sound put the les paul to shame. It can be mellow and it can kick. No contest. Love the neck, too!







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strat am standard

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I could not be happier with mine. I sold off 3 lesser guitars to make room for her. It's strikingly beautiful in the light caramel burst, and plays and sounds like a dream. I love the tone from the '57s. Now I just have to get an amp worthy of this guitar.

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I love mine to.

I was in a position to buy just about anything in the store, and I tried a bunch of stuff. A couple of les pauls I really liked a paul reed smith that impressed me a lot to.

Then I pluged in a .339 and the choice was easy.

One thing that really opend my eyes was how heavy it sounded but how light it really was to hold.

(two back surgeries.)

I have a strat too, and a little home recording studio, and I went and listend to a track I did with my strat where i recorded 1 track clean and 1 track with the same notes and a little overdrive , and i simply have to rerecord the clean track with the Gibson.

Since you have not found a worthy amp let me recomend the fender superchamp XD. The best 300 bucks I ever spent. I only wish it had a 12 inch speaker. The 10 is fine for my Gibson, but it sounds a little weak with the strat.


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