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Fulltone '69 Fuzz


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Anybody know where I can get one of these for under $200.00.

There's a guy in the trading post who wants $300.00 for his.

Mike at Fulltone has scored some new germanium transistors.

That's the difference between the '69 and '70 fuzz pedals.

He quit making them because he couldn't find high quality germanium transistors.

I guess he found some is going to do a limited run.

I think this pedal kicks ast.

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Hey California Man,


Actually I cannot help you on the Fulltone. I am not a fuzz-guy myself, but since you will be interested in a Fuzz that works well with humbuckies, if I may, I will suggest one that I recently heard and sounds superbly with them:


The Machine Head Pedals Code Green.


Since you're in a market for a fuzz, perhaps you would like to check this one out. And the price is almost half of what you will have to pay for the Fulltone.


Good luck man.

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