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maybe im in the wrong place?


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apparently a girl can't tromp around a certain guitar store (im) around the holidays with a tape measurer without catching a bunch of flac. let me give you my situyation maybe some person can help?

im creating life sized 'posters' of some kick *butt guitars for my brother.

im looking for dimensions (pretty vauge) of the bodys of ANY guitars.

obviously with the curvy types it would be dificult. in which case i would like just length and widths nothing special i can use my artistic abilities to fill in the rest.

hopefully this doesnt mess up your forum. thank you.

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If I can remember, I'll take some measurements this weekend. I assume you're just looking for basic dimensions such as overall length and width - stuff that you can't get from a photograph?


If you'll promise me a poster, too, I'll even trace outlines of, say a Strat, LP, and Telecaster and send 'em to ya.

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