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That model is? my SG


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I have sent pictures of my Gibson SG to service.europe @ gibson.com, and this is the answer to my question.






" The guitar appears to be a Gibson SG Standard with Bigsby system (optional) made probably in 1972. "


I remember when the purchase, was another very similar SG , and I remember it was a Deluxe.

Thank you all for your replies, and Happy Holidays Christmas and New Year 2010.

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Check the pot codes they will be like this 13773##

137 = CTS

73 = 1973

## = week number.


It looks just like my '74 (poss late '73, week 44 (Nov) pot dates) mine has no Bigsby.

Does the neck width at the nut measure around 40mm? Works out to 1.58 inches or something stupid as a fraction which is = 1 37/64"... not 1 11/16", not 1 9/16" and not 1 5/8" which is all the nut sizes I have ever seen quoted for SG's.

If anyone knows of any more SG nut widths please let me know.


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sounds about right then. however' date=' the lack of binding has me confused.[/quote']


Mine is an SG Std ('73-'74) and it has no binding either, and it has an ebony fretboard to boot just to keep you on your toes when trying to ID the damn thing.

Ser No. 1801##

Guitar Dater says

Your guitar was made at the

Kalamazoo or Nashville Plant , USA

approximately in: 1970, 1971 or 1972

But the pot codes are November 1973.


They made a few Std's, for some odd reason, in late '73 to early '74 with ebony fretboards and big rectangular bridges, I believe all the ebony fretboarded ones came with no fretboard binding at all and an odd size (slightly narrower) neck across the nut (40.25mm on mine). If this is true of all '73-'74 SG Std's I have no idea.

From what I can gather, the SG Std was re-introduced in 1972 to replace the SG Deluxe that was introduced in '71 and discontinued in '72... the Deluxe had an elevated LP type pick guard (why?)... the Deluxe was re-introduced in '81 and discontinued in '85... blah... blah... blah on it goes.

The SG has been released, discontinued and re-released again and again in so many different guises and god knows why when all they needed was 4 models in continuous production, SG Junior (P90), SG Special (P90's), SG Standard and SG Custom... I mean, how hard can it be??? If it ain't broke don't mend it!!!

At the end of the day I don't want as many choices of SG as there are choices of Fender Strat, I also don't see the need or the point of "signature" guitars either, an Angus Young Signature SG won't make you play like Angus Young and neither will a Robbie Krieger Sig get you a job with the Doors or a Pete Townshend Sig make you windmill better... you will still play and sound like YOU... Jeez even Rickenbacker are cashing in with a Pete Townshend Sig model... so when you open the case is it smashed into 3 pieces?... thats all he used Ricks for 'cause they were easy to smash up... but hey that's just me, I suppose at the end of the day it's every cat to it's ash-can.....


Errr...sorry about that... but this has turned into a bit of a mini-rant on my part.[blush]


Having said all that "I Can't Explain" wouldn't have sounded right on anything other than a 12 string Rick 330 would it?[biggrin]

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I have sent pictures of my Gibson SG to service.europe @ gibson.com...

" The guitar appears to be a Gibson SG Standard with Bigsby system (optional) made probably in 1972. "


You took good care of it' date=' looks like it's in really nice shape. Really nice. [biggrin

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^ So nice to see a vintage guitar that's not been messed with....


Here's a '75 For sale at $3000. http://www.faziosmusic.com/Sub_NewsUpdates.aspx




Why is there a need for manufacturer's to 're-invent the wheel' ?


Well, sometimes those 'wheels' are a little bit wobbly - like those early SG neck joints [biggrin]


And sometimes, perfectly good guitars don't sell - the '58 - '60 LPs for example. (All the flame in the world didn't rescue them from the chop). So manufacturers are at the mercy of fickle fashion, and it's a case of change or die...


Guitar design is no different to any other sphere - be it televisions, cars or cookers. The market has to be stimulated by a fresh face. It doesn't matter if the guitar turns out to be inferior.... because another 're-design' is waiting just around the corner....


It even happens with vintage re-issues - they are never quite right are they... They could produce exact replicas but it's not in their own interests to do so. Because there will always be a new 'better than ever' historic model down the line to stimulate sales yet again.

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